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Internal Wellness is a home based business in Beaumont, Alberta. Operating since 2016 and run by Chasity Berube. Chasity is a Manual Osteopath and Massage Therapist who graduated in 2018 with distinctive honors. She specializes in osteo articulation, fascial release, visceral manipulation, craniosacral, and therapeutic massage. For online booking, go to
Phone/text: 780-919-2424



Exceeding Your Expectations

About Osteopathy

I work on the body’s alignment issues. In specific, bones. You see, when the bones become out of alignment it puts the body into stress because the central nervous system is always working at trying to repair the body.
Your body always wants to be in homeostasis.

I work on the central nervous system to assist the cerebral spinal fluid to flow through the craniosacral and spinal regions without disruption.

With restrictions and impairments in those systems comes restrictions in fascia which is the largest system of the body which is not your skin it is your connective tissue which is found in every cell on your body from your eyes to bones to toe nails. I work on fascial (connective tissue) chains that run throughout the body and cause problems say through one side of your body. You see some fascia is like a plastic wrapping on a frozen turkey. The bones can be aligned, the muscles, tendons ligaments can be massaged but in the end there will always be restriction and you will always be brought back to the original position if your fascia or the plastic layer of tension isn’t released.

I also work on organs on the surface of the abdominal cavity. The reason I work on organs is the same reason I work on muscles. Organs are held in place by ligaments to which can get tight and like a heart has a beat all organs have their own rhythm. What i do is I feel the organ somewhat but not like I feel a muscle and I feel how its heart beat like rhythm is and if its restricted I help the body the correct that.

If the organ is being held down by a tight ligament the connective tissue (fascia) generally tends to become tight in the surrounding area to which causes muscle tension, misalignment of bones and causes issues with range of motion in joints and pain as well as psychological responses.

The body is much more complex than just muscles, than bones, than weak muscles and tight muscles, it has several systems. When you go in to see a Massage Therapist or a Dr what you do is tell them your symptoms and what I do is not only treat the symptoms I look for the underlying cause to which generally you will not feel the main source of pain.

A lot of my clients who have desk jobs suffer from mid back pain to the lateral sides of their spine. This pain is a symptom of chest tension due to working with your arms in front of your body which 95% of people do and could even be a deeper issue such as anxiety has caused you diaphragm or accessory respiratory muscle to be tight so the muscles, fascia and organs tighten or deeper yet when you were birthed your spinal dural tube (a casing around your spine) was restricted thus you have been living your entire life dealing with the pain and symptoms which no one has been able to figure the cause.

Manual Osteopathy is looking into the body deeper. I love getting the "tough" cases and yes sometimes it may take a few sessions while I sort out all the symptoms but getting to the source of the root cause and bringing a client into Internal Wellness is the biggest joy of my life.

I take pride in every client I see, and I do my very best to make everyone I see feel safe and comfortable. I am accepting online bookings, or you are more than welcome to message me, and I will get you booked in. I have set hours, but I do my best to see everyone and help you to get back to living your best lives. 


Internal Wellness LTD. is committed to exceeding your needs. Questions, comments or special requests? I’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to reach out today.

(780) 919-2424

5609 54 Street, 

Beaumont, Alberta


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