My name is Chasity Berube I graduated from The National Manual Osteopathic College in 2019 with honors. I am a member of the National Manual Osteopathic Society. Prior to this I graduated from Alberta College Of Massage Therapy in 2018 honors with distinction. Before my path in the wellness field I was a health care aide for 16 years. It was a great pleasure and honor to help people but I felt the system was failing in specific areas. I began to reach out into natural healing methods and now I have come to develop my business called Internal Wellness. I feel health starts within and is a whole body multi system process.

When welcomed into my home based business I will show you around the business level and I will begin my assessment. Things I will be looking at are how you walk, how your bones and muscles act at rest as well as while seated. I will ask each time you visit to update me with any changes you have such as medications, lifestyle, symptoms and pain etc. 

My approach as a Manual Osteopath is to look deeper at your problems and issues and to seek the main source and cause of your symptoms. I believe the body is far more complex than just dealing with muscles, bones, joints and physical activity. Your first treatment will consist of checking bones, muscle tension and feeling your central nervous system as well as getting a general sense of who you are and how I can help you to feel better. I will give stretches and/or exercises if I feel they will help you at the time. If you have a problem or a condition that needs to be treated generally I will ask that you return in a week so that we can demolish your symptoms and then clear out the specific area that has caused the symptoms. 

What is Manual Osteopathy


  This is a very common question as this profession is newer to Canada but has been around since 1874 and was founded by an American Physician Dr. Taylor Andrew Still. The history of Osteopathy can be found in greater detail here          It is a whole body therapeutic approach. Gentle manipulations which help ease your body back into its natural state of being. There are 4 main elements. 

Bones and joints/Osteoarticulation:  I conduct bone and joint alignment safely with no velocity or personal force. Simply put I place your body into a very specific position and I apply a resistance to your directed push to which painlessly realigns your bones. It will feel like a stretch. 

Organs/Visceral manipulation: Each organ in your abdominal cavity has its own rhythm like a heart has its beat. What Imagine if the hearts beat is off. I check affected organs to see if they're movement pattern is functioning the way it should and if not i very gently help reset the pattern over the top of your abdominal cavity. Like muscles your organs have ligaments and when those become too tight the organ is not able to function at optimal health. When there is a restriction in the organs movement pattern or the organs ligaments and connective tissues the areas surrounding generally grow to a larger degree of restriction which can cause issues all the way up to your neck, your shoulder, down to your low back etc. These restrictions play havoc on your central nervous system as well cause changed in your mood. Think of a vehicle running on muddy oil and gasoline if per say that was a person how do you think they would act? The liver wouldn't be functioning properly and the person would feel unwell and could be angry, moody and have an inability to sleep at night.  I treat the liver, stomach, prostate, ovaries, uterus, ureter, kidneys, pelvic floor, large intestines, small intestines, and gallbladder as well as connective surrounding tissues.  What symptoms could someone be having? Tired after eating, hot at night and unable to sleep, constipation, anxiety, depression, worry, low back pain, infertility, difficulty urinating, incontinence etc. This work is generally done just on the surface of your abdominal cavity.  

Nervous System/Craniosacral: Works on your bodies nervous system and helps to reset your cerebral spinal fluid in order to help you function at optimal level. As an infant not all of your cranial bones are solidified eg: babies soft spot. Cranial bones are held together by sutures to which some areas can become tighter in the cranium than other areas which can cause several different symptoms but mostly headaches and migraines. Treatment of the craniosacral is very gentle and very subtle yet can have a great impact on releasing nerves and allowing the bones to move freely. This helps with headaches, whiplash, TMJ-D,  migraines, Autism and so on.

Connective Tissue/Fascial Release: This deals with the connective tissues of your body. Think of fascia like plastic shrink wrap on a packaged turkey. The muscles can always be massaged but if your fascia or connective tissue is tight you will remain tight and restricted until the shrink wrap is released.  
The best part about Manual Osteopathy is we deal with the whole body. If you have low back pain this can be bone alignment issues, could be a restriction in your colon, could be tension in muscles and it could be restriction in your dural tube so an issue with your spinal nerve pathway. I find the route of the problem and deal with that as opposed to dealing the symptoms to get you back to normal. Message me with any questions you may have. 

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